Biagio 100% Wool NECK Scarf Solid Scarve for Men or Women

  • Wersja/model: 0q85r5Sc
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This is an elegant Biagio Collection 100% Wool CORAL PINK Color Neck Scarf would make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe collection of scarves. Its versatility allows it to be shaped and worn in various styles. Go from the modern tie around the neck or anything your imagination can come up with. Dimensions are 12.5" x 65" inches. This makes an excellent gift for men or women for any occasion. The material is 100% wool - not mixed with any other material. The neck scarve is great for evening wear and social events, but still can be worn for a casual look. The scarfs are soft, genuine, and great for both winter and summer. Check out our other Wool Neck Scarfs.

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