100% SILK Narrow NeckTie EXTRA Skinny Men's Thin 1.5" Neck Tie

  • Wersja/model: CuhM1FbA
  • 1816 szt. w magazynie

58.79 zł


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BRAND NEW 1.5 Inches Wide Extra Skinny Neck Tie For Sale This listing is for a BRAND NEW COVONA Collection Brand Narrow Extra Skinny Thin Retro Style NeckTie. This is a Solid NARROW Thin ROYAL BLUE 100% SILK Tie. A one of kind vibrant shine, makes this tie stand out and makes you noticed. This is a standard length tie which is 56 inches long and 1.5 inches wide at the bottom. We have more variety of Silk Neckwear NeckTies. Check out our other Silk Ties.

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